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How i can help you

Designing the spaces we live significantly improves the quality of life.

The intervention of OPERA wants to use your resources in the best way possible: square meters, time, money, in order to your preferences and needs. Sometimes it is enough a little intervention for a great result.
For this reason, you can choose between OPERA services the most suitable one.

Decoration and Furnishing Assistance
During a first free contact you can tell me your needs, after we agree together how to modify the decoration and the furnishings of your space. We can decide to paint in a different color some portions of walls, or to paint some old furniture and to replace few others, or even to coat the sofas with new fabrics, to change the curtains and chairs in the waiting room of your office… And everything else you think about.

Concept and design of individual elements
We can agree how to restore the bathrooms and kitchen to renew your home, or to draw some specific elements to change the look: a mezzanine, a bookcase, a ladder, a cupbox, a fireplace, doors. And I will supervise the quality of the realization. I will recommend you a carpenter or a blacksmith or other craftsmen of my confidence if I need it.

Purchasing Advice
If you need a special purchase: a beautiful contemporary photo, or a small sculpture, a rug, a unique vintage piece… we will choose together where and what to buy with the best guarantees; or I will come with you to your supplier. I will advise and guide you for the preparation

Interior Design and construction
If you want to design and realize from scratch your apartment, your holiday home, your office, you can choose OPERA services.

In each of these cases I assure you an exclusive, personalized, quality proposal. A result of excellence to maximize the well-being and livability of each space.