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The professional career that over the years has distinguished the working life of Cristina Benedettini has seen the collaboration with brands of luxury (Tod’s, Versace, Antonio Fusco…), scenography (Cappellini and Licheri), in the media sector (with advertising videos for Filmmaster, BRW,…) and with small art galleries (A + Textile Art Interior Design).

In 2010 the General Commissariat of the Government for the Universal Exposition selected, for the participation at the Expo in Shanghai, the project presented by a team of which Cristina Benedettini was Art Director, PinocchioWorld, which tells the architectural structure of a fairytale world.
From 2011 she worked in team for the project Terre Di Presciano (Siena), which included an international reference center for the game of Polo, in partnership with La Dolfina (Argentina), developed on an territory of 820 ectares with 30,000 square meters of buildings.

His résumé also has consultancy for foreign productions of Italian exhibitions:
“Dolce Stil Novo” in Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (2011), where advanced technology and design, skill and craftsmanship are intertwined, to achieve a complete integration of food culture and territory, art and science, history and the future.
The itinerary of the exhibition follows a precise narrative plot that takes place in a space/house/dwelling, articulated in a path through the five senses, divided into spaces, one for each space: parking, garden, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom.

“Pinocchio leaves the fairy tale” at the Institute of Italian Culture in Berlin (2018), a photographic exhibition dedicated to one of the most representative figures of the Tuscan culture, portrayed in the images of Aldo Fallai, international renowned photographer. In the 32 shots made in the places of the story, in Collodi and around, there is a stylistic cut aimed to emphasize and actualize the iconic nature of the character. The photographs maintain an atmosphere of temporal suspension, from ‘contemporary fairytale’, according to a metaphysical of light able to restore that atmosphere of suspension between dream and reality, between tale and life.
The wooden puppet that becomes a child becomes a symbol of Tuscan artisan excellence, able to make the inanimate matter ‘living’ and vehicle for a refined promotion of Tuscany: a unique territory in the world for history, art, beauty, landscapes and lifestyle.

Today Cristina Benedettini works on the project OPERA Tailor -Made Interiors, with the desire to offer a set of architectural services, reflecting Italian avant-garde, craftsmanship and tradition.